Black Footballer’s Wives

May 27th 2006

Am I the only one to have noticed that all the black footballers in England’s World Cup squad are guilty of racial discrimination?  Why? And who are these black men discrimination against? Well black women, believe it or not, for as far as I have been able to determine each and every one of our black footballers has chosen a white wife or girlfriend.How come? Is it perhaps because traditionally black men have been known to choose a bit of white arm candy when it comes to getting the legover and therefore regard a white wife as a trophy? Possibly, and there’s certainly more than a grain of truth in this theory, but this is too simplistic an answer in my opinion.

Personally I think it must be because black footballers realise that white women are far superior at the art of shopping than their white sisters, and thus better equipped to spend the mountains of cash they get paid every week. After all it is by now inbred in white women through centuries of practice to spend money as fast as their partners can make it. Plus they’ve had the shining example of Princess Diana to follow. Conversely it’s not all that long ago that all black women went to the shops armed with a goat and a handful of coloured beads rather than a Barclaycard, and therefore haven’t yet acquired the necessary skills to dispose of vast amounts of money as fast as their partners can make it.

However with the likes of Naomi Campbell showing the way I’m sure it won’t be too long before black women catch up with their white counterparts. So one day in the not too distant future we might yet see a black footballer with a black wife on his arm. But don’t hold your breath.  


  1. Not noticed ’til yer pointed it out. It’s a mystery. Mind you wi’ Gary Lineker free maybe he’ll cop a bit of Naomi to address the balance. If he’s not interested I’m free tomorrow night Naomi…..

    Comment by Four Dinners — May 28, 2006 @ 1:33 pm

  2. can i just say how honoured i was at recieving a comment on my blogsite from you. to be read and appreciated by someone who wrote for mr dawson (one of my greatest comedy heroes) is indeed a great moment in my life, however sad that may seem. i am trying to catch up with your exploits after losing your site when my pc went “poof” a couple of months ago, and am ashamed to say i forgot what it was called! but i am back on track and will put a link to you so my readers can seek you out too!

    Comment by fatfiz — May 29, 2006 @ 7:01 am

  3. i have now. oh sweet lord you are a clever bloke!
    its stuff like that i grew up with! mr dawson and mr cooper. two guys who could have me crying without actually DOING anything!
    it may take a while, but i am now on a mission to read your entire web stuff!
    i have a fortnight off work soon. now i know how to spend it.
    thank you for shaping my childhood and my appreciation of “real” comedy.
    don’t use this word much, genius!

    Comment by fatfiz — May 29, 2006 @ 10:47 am

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