Silly old fool

April 13th 2006

If I have to make the short journey into the town centre and I don’t fancy walking I quite often use the local half-hourly bus service. Not only is it excellent value at 20p but it saves getting the car out and allows me to indulge in one of my favourite pastimes – listening in to other people’s conversations. Very often this is unrewarding unless you’re interested in the latest state of someone’s haemorrhoids or the price of minced beef at the Co-op but occasionally you get to hear a gem. I heard one this morning.

“I like your hair,” said one old dear to the other old dear seated next to her.

“Do you like it?”

“Yes, it suits you. With your thin hair. Where did you have it done?”

“That place on Union Road. Our Muriel put me on to it, they’re ever so good and you get a chocolate biscuit with you tea, a digestive.”

“I must give them a try. What are they called?

“What is it now?…….Hot Pot.”

“Hot Pot? I’ve never seen a hairdresser’s on Union Road called Hot Pot.”

“No, not Hot Pot….. something like Hot Pot……..Tater Pie.

“Tater Pie?”

“No, Ash. Tater Ash.”

“Tater Ash?”

“No, something very similar…… Pan Ash. That’s it. Pan Ash. Definitely.”

“Pan Ash?” The old dear thought for a moment, then said:” You mean Panache you silly old fool, it’s Panache.”

“Well our Muriel calls it Pan Ash.”

Worth 20p of anybody’s money, that.