April 14th

Today’s Brainteaser.


The Twitchers

Five couples with the surnames Finch, Heron, Martin, Sparrow and Wren join the ornithologists club. Each of the 10 had a favourite bird which was a surname of one of the other couples. No two of the women had the same favourite bird and no two of the men had the same favourite; no wife’s favourite was the same as her husband’s. Mr Finch’s favourite is the wren; Mr Wren’s favourite is the heron. Mrs Sparrow is not keen on the martin or the wren. The sparrow is not Mrs Heron’s favourite, and Mrs Martin is not keen on the finch. The favourite of the wife of the namesake of Mrs Wren’s favourite is the namesake of the lady whose favourite is the wren.

Question. Who is shagging Mrs Finch?

Answers in the Comments section please. £10 for the first correct answer. The editor’s decision is final.