July 9th 2006

I shall be on holiday in Lanzarote until the 19th. While I’m away your guest blogger will be my good friend Atkins Down The Road (Atkins is thinking of starting a blog of his own soon and says he wants to gain some experience). I have shown him how to use my text and dialogue templates so the design of the page, if not the content, should be roughly the same).

Although he can be quite uncompromising at times Atkins is as sound as they come, public school educated, Charterhouse, although you would never guess it from his diction. Having said that he is a capable writer, something he proved to me when we recently wrote two one act plays together for the local amateur dramatic society, of which he is a leading light. But a word of warning – although he is computer literate he unfortunately isn’t English language literate, inasmuch as he can’t spell for toffee. In fact I’ll go as far as to say if he was suddenly struck by dyslexia it could only improve his spelling. He also uses capital letters quite indiscriminately and sometimes doesn’t bother with them at all when he should be bothering with them. But you should be able to work out what he means, with a little patience.

I’ve told him I don’t mind him replying to any comments he might receive, but if he does to always sign his replies Atkins Of The Road, so there is no chance of people mistakenly think it’s me. Good luck with him anyway.