Hello there

10th July 2006

Hello there. Atkins Down The Road hear. Or should I say, as I’m living in Razza’s house wile he’s away, Atkins Up The Road. whatever.

What Razza said about my spelling is perfectly true, or at least I think it is, but how would I know for sure if I can’t spell properly? All I want to say about it is that when I was Fourteen I discovered girls and was learning how to shag, and I know which of them I’d rather be good at and it isn’t Spelling. Anyway hasn’t he ever heard of Microsoft Word Spell Check witch I always use to correct all my Spellings?

Razza has left ten meat balls for the Pollitt’s Dog in the frig, one a day, to keep it quiet. I might feed them to the wife one a day to keep HER quiet but I’m certainly not going to be arsed with feeding meat balls to a bloody Dog to keep it quiet. If it starts barking all day wile I’m in residence hear it’s a goner.

I don’t know if I’m going to be able to put up with Razza’s telly for a week. It’s a Widescreen, but not all that wide, nowhere near as wide as ours anyway, and it isn’t a Plasma like ours or even a flat screen. 

when I told him about our Plasma telly when we got it he said what did he want with a Plasma, theirs only shit on the telly, so all it would mean if he had a plasma telly is that he’d be able to see the shit a lot clearer and it was all ready quite clear enough for him thank you very much.

One good thing is he’s got every Episode of The Sopranos on DVD. But they’re all on divettes, I think you call them, and my DVD player won’t play divettes so I haven’t been able to borrow them, so over the next week I’ll be able to play them all on his DVD Player. But on his not very wide screen Non-Plasma shit television set. I’ll definitely have to get our telly up hear, it’ll only take a few minuets.