19th December 2006

Below is a copy of a letter I sent to Tony Blair today. I wonder how the slippery one will deal with it. I wonder if he will deal with it?

The Prime Minister

10 Downing Street


Dear Prime Minister

Last week I drew from my Derbyshire Building Society account a cheque for £40,000 and paid it into my Barclays current account in order to transfer it to my bank account in Turkey, to facilitate the payment for a property I recently purchased there. I was informed by Barclays that it would take five working days to clear the cheque before the money could be transferred. I pointed out to the bank clerk that God had created the entire heaven and earth in six days and that therefore five days just to clear a cheque seemed an inordinate length of time, particularly as the branch of the Derbyshire Building Society on which I drew the cheque and the branch of Barclays at which I presented it about a minute later are less than fifty yards apart. This cut no ice at all. I didn’t think it would.

I would point out that if Barclays were to invest my  £40,000 in question for five working days (in fact one week since they don’t work Saturdays and Sundays), at a rate of five per cent (and this is the absolute minimum return on the money they would obtain), that they would make a profit on my money of £38.46. When you take in to account that this is just one cheque clearance and that Barclays – and all the other banks – are clearing many millions of cheques per year you might agree with me that this is nothing but larceny, and on a grand scale, and rampant capitalism.

What, if anything, does a good socialist such as you plan to do about this situation?

Yours sincerely

Terry Ravenscroft

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