Investment Opportunity

20th December 2006


The best investment advice available today is to be found not in the Financial Times or the financial pages of your daily newspaper but right here on the Razzamatazzblog. And here it is. Get your money into the tarpaulin sheeting and scaffolding business. Any branch of it, either supplying the tarpaulin and scaffolding or erecting the scaffolding and using the tarpaulin to sheet with, but personally I would go for the supply side of things as  sheeting with tarpaulin and erecting scaffolding sounds too much like hard work to me. But whichever you pick do it now and get in before other people cotton on and spoil the market.

The reason for my confidence in the growth potential of this market? Our wonderful policemen. Who have already arrested two men, one yesterday and the other the day before, on suspicion of murdering five prostitutes in the Ipswich area. (You will note that I don’t refer to these women as ‘working girls’, as the media has taken to doing. A secretary is a working girl; likewise a shop assistant or a travel agent, and to call a prostitute a working girl is an insult to every woman who is a working girl in the proper meaning of the expression. There, thank goodness I’ve got that off my chest, as the 36C cup-size women said when she took off the 34 A cup bra).

But getting back to our wonderful boys in blue and their penchant for arresting a man a day and festooning his house with scaffolding and tarpaulin. I have it on good authority that this is only the thin end of the wedge. The plan is to arrest every man in the country, and probably lesbians too, and cover all their house with scaffolding and tarpaulin sheeting. That way they will be sure to have arrested the right man. They won’t know who he is but at least he’ll be safely locked up and won’t be able to murder any more working gi……prostitutes. And of course made a fortune for whoever has taken my advice and has invested in the scaffolding and tarpaulin sheeting business.

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