Quiz Of The Year

26th December 2006


At this festive time of the year the newspapers are full of quizzes compiled by lazy idle columnists who can’t be bothered to write their usual column.) “Oh bollocks to ‘em, they’ll all be chilling out if they’re not pissed out of their brains so why shouldn’t I?” Taking a leaf out if their book then, or more rather their newspaper, here is a quiz from a blogger who can’t bothered to write his usual blog. The difference is that I’ve been even lazier than the columnists inasmuch as in my quiz I have provided the answers and you have to supply the questions. So here it is for better or worse (probably worse) –


Note. You can only use the question ‘Who is the biggest twat who ever lived?” once, tempting through some of the answers are.

The question to the answer Scaryduck is not ‘Who would Razzamatazz most like to spend a night in bed with?’ although this is the answer to one of the questions.

You can’t use the same question to answer 8 and 9.


1. Tony Blair

2. Manchester United

3. Haemorrhoids

4. Kristin Scott Thomas

5. Saddam Hussein

6. My left testicle

7. JonnyB

8. Bono

9. A pretentious prick

10. Mount Everest

11. My arse

12. Shergar

13. Keira Knightly

14. A hole in a condom

15. Atkins Down The Road

16. John Prescott

17. A Chihuahua

18. Snot

19. Challenge Anneka

20. Santa Claus

Good luck

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