Deed Poll

25th January 2007

Apparently more people are changing their name by deed poll than ever before.

“So you’d like to change your name?”

“Yes please.”

“And what is your name at the moment?”

“Jeremiah Fart.”

“Yes I could see why a name like that might hold you back.”

“It’s done more than hold me back. I’ve never been able to get a job. I tell them my name and they just laugh and say ‘We can’t give you a job with a name like Jeremiah Fart, everyone would laugh at us’. So the sooner I can get it changed the better.”

“Very well.”

“I’d like to be called Ivor Bignob.”

“Yes I bet you would. But unfortunately it doesn’t work like that.”


“No. We have a list of names you can choose from. But unfortunately we’ve been rather busy lately and we only have one name left.”

“I’ll take it. What is it?”

“John Prescott.”

(A SHORT PAUSE)  “….I think I’ll stick with Jeremiah Fart.”

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