A Royal Occasion

13th February 2007

“And it is quite obvious from his reaction that Prince William is as excited as the next man – the next man in this instance being his younger brother Prince Harry, who is seated next to him. Seated on Wills’s other side is of course his girlfriend, Kate Middleton, who is quite obviously enjoying every minute of this truly royal occasion.”
A few seconds later – “And from the reaction of Wills and Harry it has received full royal approval. Harry now pauses in the celebrations to blow his nose – is this a royal cold coming one wonders? – while pretty Kate looks adoringly at her handsome prince, and, dare we say it, future husband.”
A few seconds later -  “Kate now points out something in the crowd to Wills. What has the vivacious Kate spotted? Perhaps a friend from the university they attended together, St Andrew’s in Scotland? She waves. So does Wills. Harry misses out on the fun as he is still blowing his royal nose.”
In and between this commentary about the Saturday afternoon diversions of a Prince, his girlfriend and his brother we saw a few seconds of the international rugby union game between England and Italy. What were the BBC commentator, director and cameraman up to? Do they honestly think that people who tuned in to watch the rugby international give a shit if Princes William and Harry are in the watching crowd? If television viewers have any thoughts on the subject at all they will almost certainly be along the lines of ‘Look at those two twats on a freebie while I couldn’t get a ticket’ and contribute to them disliking royalty even more than they do already.
Bring on the Republic!  

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