The Last Sunset

18th February 2007

I am reading Kirk Douglas’s autobiography ‘The Ragman’s Son’ at the moment, and very good it is too.
I quote from the book –

…I went to Mexico to film ‘The Last Sunset’, a film about incest…The Last Sunset is another example of how a studio operates. Universal insisted on controlling the production. The publicity department sent pages and pages of suggestions for alternative titles for the film, most of them atrocious:

The Magnificent Two
The Majestic Brutes
The Tragic Brutes
Seething Guns
The Fuel and the Fire
Two to Make Hate
Lion in  My Path
Back Against the Wall
Trigger Talk
Death Is My Middle Name
Appointment with a Dead Sun
A Commotion at Sunset
Shoe the Wild Sea-Mare
Long Day, Short Sunset
All Girls Wear Yellow Dresses
A Primrose from O’Malley
My Gun, My Life!

My favourites from this list are The Majestic Brutes, Back Against the Wall and the quite wonderful Shoe the Wild Sea-Mare. Naturally I started making up more titles myself. The best I came up with – the film is about incest remember – were, ‘A Game the Whole Family Can Play’, ‘Move Over, It’s Only Daddy’ and ‘Fuck Me O’Malley’. I’m sure there must be better titles than this though and I therefore invite further suggestions. The first prize for the best received via my Comments facility by Friday the 23rd Feb will be a copy of my book Dear Air 2000. The second prize will of course be two copies of my book Dear Air 2000.

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