Happy Birthday?

9th March 2007It is my birthday today. I’m viagra usa sixty nine. I don’t feel a day older than when I was sixty eight an

d three hundred and sixty four days. Well perhaps one day older. And my jokes aren’t getting any funnier.
For my birthday present I received, through the post, an invitation from Stockport NHS Foundation Trust to stay with them a week on Monday, when they will operate on my groin area to repair a rupture. Happy Birthday! I will of course be reporting back on my stay in hospital, that’s if I get back – the hospital I will be attending is Stepping Hill, and the locals don’t call it Step In Ill Step Out Dead for nothing. The ‘helpful pamphlet’ they sent advises me that I will be order my own meals from a large selection. I can’t wait. I’m going to ask for an MRSA sandwich. 
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Dear Air 2000

Football Crazy