Rock Profiles Number 27



A pop singer who emerged briefly in the 1960s, Marianne Unfaithfull put it about even more than her near namesake Marianne Faithfull. A friend of the Rolling Stones, Marianne Unfaithfull, nee Trembler, is reported to have had sex with each of them

several times, and on one occasion at the same time, before ending the session

with a couple of their roadies. Three weeks later her version of the Stones’ ‘I Can’t Get No Satisfaction’ was recorded at Abbey Road, and a version of venereal disease was recorded by the Stones and their roadies at Hammersmith Hospital.

The next song she recorded was a parody of Marianne Faithfull’s hit song of May 65 ‘This Little Bird’, entitled ‘This Little Turd’, and is said to be her reaction to T Rex singer Marc Bolan calling her a slag.
Born Amanda Trembler in 1950 she dropped the ‘A’, and her knickers, in 1963 and became Manda Trembler. Shortly after she cut her first record ‘Like A Virgin?’  (This wasn’t the Madonna hit of the 1984 but a self-penned number which boasted the line ‘Like a virgin? Well it’s no use looking at me, twatface’.

In 1966 Marianne married rock star Tommy Unfaithfull of The Why? The marriage was not a success, due in no small part to Marianne’s promiscuity, and three months later the they had a quickie divorce and Marianne had a quickie with the registrar who annulled the marriage. In

In an interview with the Melody Maker in 1970 Marianne claimed to have had sex with over two hundred rock stars and one hundred film stars, including Rin Tin Tin.

In a follow up article Elvis Presley admitted to being one of her conquests, as did Richard Burton, who when questioned said that she was one of the best shags he had ever had. Rin Tin Tin said ‘Woof’.

In March 1972 the New Musical Express reported that in one wild night of sex Marianne have bedded three of The Beatles, Freddie & the Dreamers, and the entire Osmond family, and given little Jimmy his first wank. Marie Osborne denied this but it was about this time that she developed the permanent grin she affects. Little Jimmy grinned for quite a while too.
In 1980, aged just thirty, Marianne died when she choked to death in the back of the Rocking Robins Ford transit van whilst giving head to the band’s lead guitarist. Her funeral, which was attended by many of her former lovers, was held at Wembley Stadium, with the overflow at Wembley Arena.