Say Goodbye To Embarrassing Hair

I saw this advert in a magazine a few weeks ago. If you have any trouble getting a supply of HerSute let me know, you can have mine, there’s plenty left in the tube.




Do you suffer from embarrassing hair? If you have hair that constantly embarrasses you by shouting things like ‘Hello Fatty’ at your next door neighbour or ‘Get your tits out’ to girls in the street then I’m afraid we at HerSute can do nothing for you. If however you have hair that causes you embarrassment by growing where it shouldn’t be growing then all new HerSute is absolutely just what you have been waiting for.

Using a razor to rid yourself of unwanted hair only encourages your hair to grow even stronger and consequentially thicker. It has been proved that hair removal creams can be harmful to insensitive skin. Waxing can be positively painful. Only all new HerSute is the real answer to the problem of embarrassing hair.

So how does all new HerSute work? Supplied in cream form and packaged in a free handy tube, all new HerSute is massaged, three times daily, into all parts of the body, where you do NOT have embarrassing hair. This will encourage this non-embarrassing hair to grow stronger. In a few short weeks it will have grown to such an extent that it will join up with your embarrassing hair. Result – you will no longer have embarrassing hair, just hair all over your body.

You will gratefully discover that all New HerSute will pay for itself a thousand times over, as having successfully completed the treatment you will find that you no longer want to go out. So along with embarrassing hair you will say goodbye to those expensive meal out and hello to the pizza delivery man. This however is not to say that you should not go out. But if you do it is advisable to stay well clear of zoos and safari parks.

Here is what just a few of our thousands of satisfied clients had to say about all new HerSute –

Thank you all new HerSute for my new career as a Gorillagram. I could never have done it without you. J. Laycock,  Penge.

Since using new HerSute my central heating bill has never been lower and a new winter coat is a thing of the past.  J Morrison, Hastings.

Before I found new HerSute my husband used to use me as a doormat. G Butler, Bury.


Since I found new HerSute my husband uses me as a doormat. A Morton, Salford


All new Hersute – available from all good chemists and per shops.