Lady to Ladette

BBC Press Release

Following the success of their Ladette to Lady series the BBC have announced that they are to make a sister show entitled Lady to Ladette. The concept of the show is that six debutantes are transformed over a course of six few weeks from refined young ladies of excellent breeding to drug-taking shag-happy pissed-out-of -their- brains harpies.

Lessons will include drug abuse, alcohol abuse, verbal abuse, self abuse (if necessary), advanced effing and blinding, fighting (including hair pulling, spitting and biting), mooning, screaming at coppers and getting shagged by blokes mostly called Darren.

The pilot episode, already in the can (where a lot of the action takes place, incidentally), is dominated by two of the girls, The Hon Arabella von Hof, youngest daughter of property magnate Baron von Hof, and Henrietta Fforbes-Hyphen, only daughter of socialite Henry Fforbes-Hyphen and his wife Twoeffs Fforbes-Hyphen. In the episode Arabella, on drinking ten Bacardi Breezers, after warming up with six pints of Stella, is shown by programme consultant Denise van Outen how to pull a bloke named Darren, give him a blow job in the gents toilet, and be sick all over him, in no particular order, whilst Henrietta gets her first lessons in becoming a cokehead from guest ladette ex-East Enders star Daniella Westbrook.

By the end of the six planned episodes it is hoped that the six girls will have learned enough for them to be able to forsake their vacuous world of Sloane Square and shopping for a more rewarding life in Nottingham or Newcastle, working by day (or throwing a sickie) and clubbing by night.