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Saturday 26th Jan 2008


Got up and had breakfast (lightly boiled egg, toast, coffee, one sugar as usual). I slice the top off my egg, unlike some people who sort of bash the top in with a spoon. I bashed it in once but it left little bits off eggshell in my egg in so I never did it again.

After breakfast I cleaned two pair of shoes, one brown one black, then  tidied out my sock draw as it was getting in a bit of a mess.

Then I caught up with other bloggers blogs. I’m reading ten blogs a day at the moment, but not always the same ones. I suppose I read about twenty blogs altogether, fifteen of them regularly. I went to Home Thoughts From A Broad (still my very favourite blog title even if she doesn’t live abroad) first, to see if she’d

made up her mind about her new bedroom curtains. She had. She chose the yellow

flowered ones on a white background over the yellow and cream striped ones. I

thought she’d go for the striped ones myself, as I wrote last week, but there

you go. I made three comments.  I hadn’t really got anything in particular to say so I confined my comments to ‘Good on you Baz’, ‘Well that’s life’ and ‘First comment on your post of today at last!’ but it’s nice to be involved.

Then I checked to see if I had any comments from my post of yesterday. There were two (making twelve for the week, one up on last week). They were ‘Good on you, Cec’ from Baz and ‘C’est la vie’ from Pierre. (Pierre on is well worth checking out. I visited his blog initially because I’ve always been interested in pond life and naturally thought it was about frogs, but even though it turned out to be not about frogs but about his life in Rouen I’m glad I did as he’s a very interesting person).

Then I checked to see if there had been any comments to any of my three comments but there weren’t. Next I went out for a walk. It wasn’t raining again. I am fairly sure that is an original statement. I have heard the expression ‘It’s raining again’ many times but I’m pretty sure I’ve never heard anyone say ‘It wasn’t raining again’. I have added to the world’s vocabulary, probably. I’d like to think so. It started raining again just after I started my walk and it occurred to me that if it had already been raining when I set out that I might never have added to the world’s vocabulary, if I have. It just goes to show, doesn’t it.

Then I posted on my blog what I have written so far.

Next I went to the launderette to do my weekly wash (seven shirts, seven pairs of socks, seven pairs of underpants (boxers now, thanks for the tip Julie), two pullovers, three towels, two sheets, one duvet cover (blue). The launderette has been redecorated. The green painted walls are now lemon and the woodwork has gone from blue to white. Suzy’s (Home Thoughts From A Broad) yellow flowered curtains would go well with it but it looks like they’re sticking with the old green spotted curtains unless it’s just that they haven’t got round to changing them yet. Probably they haven’t got round to changing them yet.

On the walk back with my clean washing the rain stopped again. Then it started again just before I got home. When I got back I dried myself off (home and dry!) and checked to see if there had been any comments on my post so far. Just one. Pierre said that he thought that Suzy would have gone for the flowered curtains too. I thought he might. I commented on his comment ‘Good on you Pierre’.