Back Again

Last February I wrote the following. 

I have an idea for a six part television comedy drama series. It will be about the life of a 1966 Ford Zephyr Zodiac car from when it is bought second hand and in mint condition in 1972 until it meets its demise in a car crusher some thirty five years and six owner later.

The idea is that at the start of every episode the car passes on to its new owner.I will be posting what I write of the first episode in the hope that it might be of use to anyone who may be considering writing something for television but isn’t sure how to set it out on the page. I will also welcome comments from anyone reading it who maybe has suggestions that might improve what I have written. Don’t be afraid to criticise it, I won’t be upset.

That turned out to be the second episode. I am now about to write the first episode, starting tomorrow. I hope you will enjoy reading it and give helpful criticism.